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The Media Encyclopedia -
Dictionary of Journalism


We offer a comprehensive encyclopedia fully dedicated to the topic of journalism and the media industry. is the large dictionary and encyclopedia when it comes to media terms and the media industry! The focus of is to explore the intersection of modern mass media as television, internet, magazines, newspapers and politics, business and the advertisement industry.

This media encyclopedia represents the first comprehensive guide to modern media's influence on public policy, elections and politics, packing in over 10.000 alphabetical entries freely available through internet to cover the events, people and organizations involved in this industry. Feedback from our readers shows that they find it an invaluable reference, defining concepts, trends, and issues in media and politics and surveying the legislation and legal issues and cases relating to the media. Perfect if you research in media history and culture.

The perspective of this comprehensive encyclopedia bridges larger themes such as the role of media in civil, democratic society, to more specific topics such as media ownership and legal regulation. With articles contributed by scientists, scholars and practitioners, the Media54 provides a great reference work on the history, impact, and roles of the media in business and politics.

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